Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can i still place an order during the Covid-19 lockdown?
    October 1st – currently the two print workshops that do my printing are still working, both following the new hygiene and social distancing rules. If this changes in the future, any orders that can’t be printed will be refunded.
  2. Do you have a gallery?
    No, not at present. It’s all online for the moment, which helps keep costs down. I do offer a Room Mock Up service to help you visualise the image in your room.


  3. What’s your refund policy?
    If any item arrives damaged, please contact me with the details of the damage and a photo of the damaged area. I normally don’t want damaged products returned. As soon as i see the damage i’ll either organise a replacement or a refund – whichever you prefer.
    Please refuse delivery if the item or packaging appears damaged on arrival.
    If you think the product you receive looks different to that displayed on the website, please contact me with a brief description of the difference. I’ll then organise a ‘corrected’ replacement.
  4. Will the prints look the same as the images on the website?
    Yes they do, is the short answer. I do my absolute best to ensure that the images on the website look the same as the printed images. However, printed images can never be as bright as images viewed on a screen at full brightness, so please turn down the brightness/contrast to around 50 – 75% of max. This will give a better idea of what to expect.


  5. Can i return a purchase if i change my mind?
    If you just change your mind, then i don’t accept returns. Everything is printed to order (no stock is kept), so under the distance selling rules, i don’t have to accept returns.
    If there’s damage or a printing error, then a reprint will be sent – i will need a photo of the damage/error. No need to return anything.


  6. Can the Framed Prints with Mounts be larger than 42″(107cm)?
    No, because the paper isn’t bonded or glued to the backing, sizes larger the 42″ would tend to ripple.
    If you require a very large framed print please check the Floater Frames sections. These are bonded to the aluminium backing and go up to 70″ (178cm).


  7. Can i order a size that’s not listed?
    Yes for loose prints (up to 72″), framed/mounted  (up to 42″) and floater frames (up to 70″).
    No for canvases – the wood for the frames is in pre-cut sizes.


  8. Do you offer a trade discount?
    Yes, but you’ll need to order at least two larger canvases or framed prints.
    Contact me for a trade code.

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